Unique load incubators

A healthy chick is formed during incubation

Single-action loading with the Universel
Optimum incubation conditions at all levels

  • Less handling, single-action loading and unloading.
    Faster and more even hatching
  • Fewer lost birds

The Universel revolutionises incubation with major innovations

Single-action loading:

  • Less handling
  • Practical and ingenious: loading and unloading without bending down
  • Automatic egg cooling for web-footed birds.
  • Double rotation trolley
  • All levels revolve completely
  • Inclining trays
  • One motor handles both movements

Controlled atmosphere:

  • Method of ventilation
  • Ventilation is by a mobile vertical duct which gives more even ventilation between top and bottom, front and rear
  • CO² monitoring

So you can (almost) count your chickens before they’re hatched!

  • Supervision by optical link
  • Automatic adjustment
  • Automatic door opening
  • Automatic lowering of the seal
  • Automatic opening of the shutters in the event of overheating