Our products

Incubators from A to Zundel

Our products :

  • Incubators, capacity from 19,200 to 86,400 eggs
  • hatchers, capacity from 19,200 to 38,400 eggs
  • Incubator with single-action loadin
  • Combined systems

From small-scale production to industrial operations, Zundel sells new equipment that can grow as you do.

Standards and certificates of compliance.

APAV approved equipment.

Once we have commissioned the equipment, Zundel is authorised to issue an EC certificate of compliance.

Zundel quality

The body is constructed of industrial panels.
This is mounted on a 60×60 square of aluminium levelled by laser.
All metal parts are made of stainless steel or aluminium.
The assembly is heated by electric elements of 1500 W each, and cooled by circulating cold water through a copper coil.
Humidification is by stainless steel tank with an immersion heater.

The features of this humidifier system are :

  • Reduced maintenance (once a month).
  • Improved health (evaporation of boiling water).
  • Technical accuracy: incubation temperature remains constant.

Eggs are turned by electric actuators.
The type of turning depends on the width of the trays and the width of the trolleys.
The motors driving the agitators are brake motors.

The trapdoors are electrically-controlled by a servo motor.

The sensors:

  • The temperature sensor is a PT100 sensor.
  • The moisture sensor is a dry sensor 4/20 mA.
  • The safety sensor is a PTC sensor.

The tops of the incubators are fitted with guard-rails.
The entirety is governed by a MOELLER or TÉLÉMÉCANIQUE automatic system
in an aluminium cabinet with a tactile 5-colour display.
The trolleys are galvanised and the trays can be too if required.
The incubators comply with compulsory EC standards (approved by APAVE)
NB: all electrical components including the automatic system and the sensors are in general distribution and available from any electrical retailer.
The hatchers are of the same type of manufacture apart from the cabinet which can be installed remotely.